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Av mileytwilightlover - 15 augusti 2011 12:07

ÄLSKAR hennes outfit!


Av mileytwilightlover - 15 augusti 2011 11:43


Det sägs att Miley ska va med och uppträda en Britney hyllning med massa andra

unga stjärnor.

“00:20: Intro Video (ft. Inside Out/Mickey Mouse Club Theme)
01:10: …Baby One More Time (Selena Gomez)
00:55: I’m A Slave 4 U (Miley Cyrus)
00:45: Toxic (Demi Lovato)
01:00: 3 (Selena/Miley/Demi)
01:15: Hold It Against Me (Katy Perry/Rihanna)
00:25: Till The World Ends-Rap Verse (Nicki Minaj)
00:15: Till The World Ends-Acapella (Britney Spears)
02:35: (Drop Dead) Beautiful (Britney Spears ft. Sabi)

The entire production will run 8 minutes, and will open the show. The introductory video will be eerie, and will feature a home video of a six year old Britney Spears playing with Barbies. This will lead into Selena Gomez singing “…Baby” in a signature school girl outfit. Followed by Miley Cyrus, whispering “…I know I may be young…” with a snake draped around her neck. Then, Demi Lovato enters rises from the center of the stage with a sequined costume on. As Demi’s song ends, all girls strut to left stage, put on Mickey Mouse ears and sing “3″ in a manner that will surely have people talking the next day. (Hint..Hint…think 2003) As their shocking performance ends, lights fade up on Katy Perry who is soon joined by Rihanna in singing “Hold It Against Me”. As their song ends, Nicki Minaj comes from the back of the audience wearing a ringleader outfit and singing her “World Ends” verse. As she finishes, all eyes shift to Britney who performs her song with Sabi. (Details of this will be available later) Before Video of the Year is presented, there will be a video monage of Britney videos with excerpts of stars thanking Britney for her contributions to music including: Miley Cyrus (confirmed), Lady Gaga (confirmed), Justin Timberlake (unconfirmed), Selena Gomez (confirmed), Joe Jonas (confirmed), Will.I.Am (unconfirmed), and Christina Aguilera (unconfirmed). As the video ends, Madonna enters the stage, makes a brief statement and presents Britney the Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Så vad tror ni sant eller falskt men om detta skulle hända skulle jag få en stor andledning att se VMA's live detta skulle vara såå coolt!

Min Presentation

Hej,den hära bloggen kommer att handla om alla Twilight skådisarna och Miley Cyrus så hoppas ni gillar bloggen

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