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Av mileytwilightlover - 30 september 2010 17:19

jonas greene coffee 01

 Hittade lite flera bilder från igår(29sep) när Ashley va ute med Joe och tog en caffe tillsammans finns flera bilder på de HÄR när de håller hand och kramas de umgås nog väldigt mycket nu på grund av att Ash ska snart i oktober börja filma Breaking Dawn!

Nu så ska jag kanske prova med en ny design! vill ha en rosa!!

flera bilder finns HÄR

Av mileytwilightlover - 30 september 2010 14:49

Taylor Lautner intervjuades för lite drygt en månad sen för en mexikansk tidning som heter Vanidades & jag har hittat en engelsk översätting, det var ganska mycket och jag gjorde ett halvhjärtat försök till att översätta men det tog så lång tid så jag pallade inte (eh he-he....) men många i detta landet har ju riktigt grymma engelska kunskaper så jag hoppas att det är ok! Detta är förövrigt en av mina favorit intervjuer med Taylor, tycker den är väldigt öppen och ärlig, utan att ha visat alla korten på bordet. Han berättar lite om känisskapet i sin allmänhet, Taylor Swift och varför han var lite besviken på eclipse...
Här kommer den i alla fall, enjoy!

A sat down with Taylor Lautner.
He says Kristen is a great kisser, he was disappointed with Eclipse, he likes his short shorts, wishes he was allowed to eat icecream and talks about Taylor Swift and whether or not she wrote a song about him.

Is there anything in particular that drives you to success?
The people around me. The people I love like my friends and family. They are the ones that drive to success.

What’s it like to become famous all of a sudden?
It’s exciting. This saga became the best platform to launch my career, and it was a great oportunity. I’m grateful because I have fun making movies and working with talented people.

What is the worst thing about fame?
There’s tons of good things and bad things. Obviously, the lack of privacy is bad. It’s not normal to go out and have dozens of cars with photographers waiting outside while you get your coffee. But like I said, there’s many good things too and I’m willing to put up with the inconviniences.

What do you do to keep your feet on the ground?
The answer is in the family members and friends that I’ve known for a while. This is our job, we live in the business world, but then we go back to normal. We can be famous, but in the end, our lives are as normal as anyone else’s. We stay at home and we don’t live the exciting lives people think. Keeping a balance in our lives is important, and I can’t lose that.

Being this popular, can you still go out on the streets and not be recognized?
Yes, but I hate to be creative. I might not go shopping or to the movies, but I have my favorite places, like certain restaurants that are not very famous. There are times when I don’t care and I go bowling. It might get a little complicated at times, but I still have fun, even if I go back home thinking I shouldn’t have gone out and I don’t go out for awhile.

How is you relationship with the paparazzi?

Sometimes it’s frustrating, but I can’t forget that it’s something that comes with the work. It’s hard to handle, but I don’t let it get to me too much, or else I’d go nuts. Stay patient is very important to me, and I have to ignore what bothers me.

What has been the weirdest experience with your fans?
I wouldn’t say weird, but definitely passionate. I was at a red carpet in Australia, and many of them would ask me to sign their arms. One of them had the wolfpack tattoo on her arm, it was a real tattoo. I signed my name under it and the next day someone told me she had gotten a tattoo of my signature. I didn’t know whether to feel guilty or flattered. That’s just too passionate.

Is here any competition between the actors of this movie?

None at all. I can’t imagine filming these movies without the friends I’ve made here. It would be a nightmare. Rob, Kristen and me are very close friends. Even when we’re not working, we try to see each other some weekends. It’s a healthy friendship that hope we can keep for a long time.

Last year you said Taylor Swift didn’t write you a song and a few days later she apperead on SNL singing to you. Is there now a song that we don’t know of?
If you can call that a song, than yes, that’s the only one. That’s all I know. i wish i could give you a more exciting answer.

Have you ever been in the middle of a love triangle in real life?
When I was in elementary school. Five of us wanted to be the boyfriend of the same girl. But it wasn’t anything serious, it wasn’t love. I would never want to be in the same siutation as any of the leads in Twilight.

Did you ever got into a fight for a girl?
If she’s important enough for me, yes I would do it. And yes, I have done it in the past.

Does your physique help? How have you managed to keep the muscles?
Sometimes I wish I could eat some icecream, and I do cheat, but when I have filming of a photoshoot coming up, I need to be strong to stay in shape. It’s hard to get muscles and it’s just as hard to keep them. When i’m too busy to go to the gym or if I don’t find enough time to eat, I can lose the muscles quickly, and it’s 10 times harder to recover them.

What’s different this time with Eclipse?
Honestly, I was disappointed. There were many action scenes for Jacob, but when the best stuff happens, Jacob is in his wolf form, so they left out some of the stuff I did on my own. At least I got to kiss Kristen for the first time ever. That was the best. She’s a great kisser.

Aside from Twilight, how do you choose your roles?
Pure instinct, depending on what I’m being offered. I have to read many scrips, and if I find a script that I like, I go for it. It depends on the story and the character. I like to challenge myself with different subjects, I don’t want to go down one road, I want to mix it up every now and then.

Will you be a superhero in your next movie?
No, but I hope I can be one soon. My next movie is called Abduction. The theme is very interesting- It’s about a teenager that finds his picture on the missing kids section of a website for missing people. He realizes his life is a lie.

Will we see your naked torso in this movie?
(laughs) No. Well, it’s to be determined.

Jacob has tons of shirtless scenes in the movies. Is that part of your contract?
It’s in the script. It’s funny to be in the middle of the street, leaning on a car and being shirtless. It was awkward. Everyone else was dressed except me. In my next movie there are no shirtless scenes. It all depends of the character. If I need to be shirtless or if I need to lose 33 lbs, I’ll do it.

What do you think about Breaking Dawn being two movies?
It’s a great idea. It’s hard to adapt a 500 page book into a 110 page script. And Breaking Dawn has 800 pages. The storylines are a bit more complicated with all the wolfpack stuff and the baby. It’s too much. One movie is not enough.

What was the best memory you have of Twilight. What will you miss the most when the movies are over?

I’ll miss the short shorts (laughs). I’ll miss them so much.

Are they any particular brand?
I don’t know, they’re just short shorts. I have no idea. But now that you asked me I need to know, next time I’ll wear them I’ll check them out.

Av mileytwilightlover - 30 september 2010 14:26

Här så kommer ett par bilder på Joe & Ashley båda gångerna är från samma dag!

de sista bilderna är de och handlar åt Joes lillebror Frankie han fyllde ju år grattis!


Va tycker ni de verkar se väldigt lyckliga ut de håller varann i handen och han håller i Ashs shopping påssar vill bara inte att han ska såra henne om han gör det!! Joe är ju en hjärte krossare ni vet väll va han har gjort mot de anndra

tjejerna han va ihop med?


Av mileytwilightlover - 30 september 2010 14:14

Asså va fan kolla på videon när en paparatzzi frågar Miley om Justin Bieber!

Miley bara ignorerar dom hahaha!!!

Av mileytwilightlover - 29 september 2010 17:36

                      Klicka för stor bild

               Klicka för stor bild

                      Klicka för stor bild

                        Klicka för stor bild

                           gillar hennes outfit kavajen gör allt!

                              jag han visst med ett par inlägg

                                      mera bilder finns HÄR

Av mileytwilightlover - 29 september 2010 17:21


I november så börjar de filma filmen "So Uncercover" som Miley kommer att spela

i och lådsas ha en kvinnoförening för att skyda en kod som är i fara!

Av mileytwilightlover - 29 september 2010 17:14

                       Klicka för stor bild

                      Klicka för stor bild

                       Klicka för stor bild

       va tycker ni om Nikkis klänning?? tycker att hon kan bätter än det

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