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Av mileytwilightlover - 30 maj 2012 15:42

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Av mileytwilightlover - 29 maj 2012 18:05

Photobucket CANNES, FRANCE—The vampires and werewolves of the Twilight franchise will be humorously “on Mars” when the final film arrives in November.

That’s the word from lead star Robert Pattinson about The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 2, due in theatres Nov. 16.

This one is so odd that it becomes kind of funny,” Pattinson told the Star. “Now that Bella’s not human, they’re just on Mars now. Everyone in it is a lunatic!

Pattinson was at the Cannes Film Festival as star of David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, which was competing for the Palme d’Or at the festival, which wrapped up Sunday.

He took a moment from his Cosmopolis press duties to talk about The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 2, the fifth and final film of the record-breaking gothic teen romance phenomenon.

Pattinson said Part 2 will be quite different from Part 1, beginning with the newly released posters, which show individual characters instead of group scenes. The posters have solo shots of Pattinson and also Kristen Stewart, his real-life girlfriend who plays his newly transformed vampire bride Bella in Breaking Dawn.

I’m excited about the last book coming out because it’s quite different,” Pattinson said.“Even the posters. I just saw the posters the other day and . . . suddenly there’s a different look. Because all our posters have been exactly the same, until the last one. It’s crazy. I kind of like them.

Breaking Dawn—Part 2 breaks new ground for the series, too.

The movie is funny as well, which is weird. It’s strange. I guess the first one was quite body horror-y (and) creepy. This one is so odd, that it becomes kind of funny. Now that Bella’s not human, they’re just on Mars now. Everyone in it is a lunatic!”

Photobucket Twilight star Kristen Stewart has admitted she had a hard time growing up in the public eye. She told the Radio Times that she was uncomfortable with fame even before she made Twilight, with the release of Panic Room when she was 13.

“People would come up to me when I was eating with my family in a restaurant or something, and I would always just curl up into myself in a ridiculous manner,” she said. “My family would be so embarrassed and it would be like, ‘Kristen, what are you doing? Just be nice and say hello.’ And I honestly don’t know what my problem was.”

Kristen, who has been in Cannes promoting her new film On The Road, added: “I think it’s natural that 13-year-olds can be pretty insecure but what’s unnatural about it was that I wasn’t insecure. I loved talking to people, normally….It’s just fame. That’s what I had a really hard time with. I was such a freak with all that stuff in the beginning and that’s why everyone thought I was such a weirdo. I was definitely overly self-conscious.”

The US actress added of Twilight: “I acknowledge that people will absolutely identify me with Bella forever and it’s had a hand in giving me everything that I have, which is a lot. It’s undeniable that a lot of people will know me for that. But whether, personally, that was the one that defined me? Probably not.”

Av mileytwilightlover - 29 maj 2012 17:41

1. What was the best part about shooting SWATH?
2. Do you watch your movies in the theatre or on TV?
3. How was it to shoot with Charlize Theron?
4. Are you really that good at riding or did you have a double?
5. Who is mor like you? 'Snow White' or Bella Swan?
6. Nobody knows that you are especially good at ...
7. For what would you cut off your hair?

"It's a strange movie. People will find it quiet important and contemporary. While we were filming it, it looked like a completely surreal movie. Every actor that came on set asked 'what is it about?' and nobody knows. And this is my biggest fear when the movie comes out, that nobody will get it."

Your favourite movie:
Rob: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Kristen: A Woman Under the Influence by John Cassavetes. It's influenced me a lot.

Favourite actor: 
Rob: Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson
Kristen: Robert De Niro 

Favourite actress:
Rob: Ellen Burstyn
Kristen: Jodie Foster and Catherine Keener

The movie that always makes you cry:
Kristen: A single man
Rob: probably One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

The one that always scares you:
Rob: I don't know. The Exorcist..something similar
Kristen: movie where people that lose their mind scare me, like Take Shelter for instance, with Jessica Chastain

The movie that sexually arouses you:
Kristen: On the Road?
Rob: This is a tough one.
Kristen: That's a tough one!
Rob: That movie called, my French accent is awful, 'Prenom Carmen', a movie by Godard. Actually I liked the main character.
Kristen: Gosh, 'Unfaithful'. The whole movie! And also Diane Lane is one of the sexiest women on earth.

'Rob, is it true, as you said to VF, that you are ready to go and live with Kristen?'
Kristen: What?
Rob: Ehm, I read it and thought 'What is this interview?! I don't even remember doing it.' - But yeah, that woman kept making questions only about that and I was like 'What is going on here?' I always try not to talk about my personal life and she basically said 'Oh, I would like to ask you about that!'

Kristen: We are so proud of each other. And it's so crazy to be here together.
Rob: Yes, it's crazy having finished Twilight this year. It's very strange and incredible for both of us.
Kristen: I can't wait to see his movie.
R: I hope you enjoy Cosmopolis, in Cinema Today. And I hope you like it and maybe see you soon.

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