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Photobucket CANNES, FRANCE—The vampires and werewolves of the Twilight franchise will be humorously “on Mars” when the final film arrives in November.

That’s the word from lead star Robert Pattinson about The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 2, due in theatres Nov. 16.

This one is so odd that it becomes kind of funny,” Pattinson told the Star. “Now that Bella’s not human, they’re just on Mars now. Everyone in it is a lunatic!

Pattinson was at the Cannes Film Festival as star of David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, which was competing for the Palme d’Or at the festival, which wrapped up Sunday.

He took a moment from his Cosmopolis press duties to talk about The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 2, the fifth and final film of the record-breaking gothic teen romance phenomenon.

Pattinson said Part 2 will be quite different from Part 1, beginning with the newly released posters, which show individual characters instead of group scenes. The posters have solo shots of Pattinson and also Kristen Stewart, his real-life girlfriend who plays his newly transformed vampire bride Bella in Breaking Dawn.

I’m excited about the last book coming out because it’s quite different,” Pattinson said.“Even the posters. I just saw the posters the other day and . . . suddenly there’s a different look. Because all our posters have been exactly the same, until the last one. It’s crazy. I kind of like them.

Breaking Dawn—Part 2 breaks new ground for the series, too.

The movie is funny as well, which is weird. It’s strange. I guess the first one was quite body horror-y (and) creepy. This one is so odd, that it becomes kind of funny. Now that Bella’s not human, they’re just on Mars now. Everyone in it is a lunatic!”

Photobucket Twilight star Kristen Stewart has admitted she had a hard time growing up in the public eye. She told the Radio Times that she was uncomfortable with fame even before she made Twilight, with the release of Panic Room when she was 13.

“People would come up to me when I was eating with my family in a restaurant or something, and I would always just curl up into myself in a ridiculous manner,” she said. “My family would be so embarrassed and it would be like, ‘Kristen, what are you doing? Just be nice and say hello.’ And I honestly don’t know what my problem was.”

Kristen, who has been in Cannes promoting her new film On The Road, added: “I think it’s natural that 13-year-olds can be pretty insecure but what’s unnatural about it was that I wasn’t insecure. I loved talking to people, normally….It’s just fame. That’s what I had a really hard time with. I was such a freak with all that stuff in the beginning and that’s why everyone thought I was such a weirdo. I was definitely overly self-conscious.”

The US actress added of Twilight: “I acknowledge that people will absolutely identify me with Bella forever and it’s had a hand in giving me everything that I have, which is a lot. It’s undeniable that a lot of people will know me for that. But whether, personally, that was the one that defined me? Probably not.”

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1. What was the best part about shooting SWATH?
2. Do you watch your movies in the theatre or on TV?
3. How was it to shoot with Charlize Theron?
4. Are you really that good at riding or did you have a double?
5. Who is mor like you? 'Snow White' or Bella Swan?
6. Nobody knows that you are especially good at ...
7. For what would you cut off your hair?

"It's a strange movie. People will find it quiet important and contemporary. While we were filming it, it looked like a completely surreal movie. Every actor that came on set asked 'what is it about?' and nobody knows. And this is my biggest fear when the movie comes out, that nobody will get it."

Your favourite movie:
Rob: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Kristen: A Woman Under the Influence by John Cassavetes. It's influenced me a lot.

Favourite actor: 
Rob: Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson
Kristen: Robert De Niro 

Favourite actress:
Rob: Ellen Burstyn
Kristen: Jodie Foster and Catherine Keener

The movie that always makes you cry:
Kristen: A single man
Rob: probably One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

The one that always scares you:
Rob: I don't know. The Exorcist..something similar
Kristen: movie where people that lose their mind scare me, like Take Shelter for instance, with Jessica Chastain

The movie that sexually arouses you:
Kristen: On the Road?
Rob: This is a tough one.
Kristen: That's a tough one!
Rob: That movie called, my French accent is awful, 'Prenom Carmen', a movie by Godard. Actually I liked the main character.
Kristen: Gosh, 'Unfaithful'. The whole movie! And also Diane Lane is one of the sexiest women on earth.

'Rob, is it true, as you said to VF, that you are ready to go and live with Kristen?'
Kristen: What?
Rob: Ehm, I read it and thought 'What is this interview?! I don't even remember doing it.' - But yeah, that woman kept making questions only about that and I was like 'What is going on here?' I always try not to talk about my personal life and she basically said 'Oh, I would like to ask you about that!'

Kristen: We are so proud of each other. And it's so crazy to be here together.
Rob: Yes, it's crazy having finished Twilight this year. It's very strange and incredible for both of us.
Kristen: I can't wait to see his movie.
R: I hope you enjoy Cosmopolis, in Cinema Today. And I hope you like it and maybe see you soon.

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In the film, Pattinson wears just one costume: a black two button notch-lapel Signoria suit by Gucci. He also wears a Gucci fitted white cotton shirt, a slim black silk tie, a leather belt with silver buckle detail and black leather lace-up dress shoes.

The film's costume designer, Denise Cronenberg, had initially approached Prada, but they weren't interested. Gucci on the other hand, who has dressed Pattinson in real life, was gung ho. "It was great because we could never have afforded those suits," Denise tells THR exclusively. "Our budget was way too small."

She adds: “After I found out that Rob wore Gucci in real life, I looked at photos of him in their suits and that was the style I wanted for his character. Gucci is not something I have used before but I think it's smart to get a line that he has already worn.”

She asked them for six suits plus the hero, equaling seven suits for the film that takes place over 24 hours spent in a limo. “The suits are beautiful and the fabric is incredible," she raves.

The first fitted white shirts Gucci sent didn’t work. “They had a seam on both sides, something that was popular in the ‘70s. Rob didn’t like them, I didn’t, either. And I had a feeling he would end up in just a shirt by the end of the film. We didn't want to shred the suit because he needed to look together even though he’s falling apart on the inside. So they sent me other shirts, ones that he had worn before and liked."

Cronenberg reveals that Pattinson kept one of the Gucci suits after the film wrapped. “Plus the belt and the Chanel watch, he kept everything,” she said. “I didn’t think he would because he has like 4,000 suits. He’s decided he may start to wear a belt now.”


As “Hannah Montana”, she is probably the biggest teenage star on the planet. Now, at 19, Miley Cyrus is fighting to grow up and bring her music to ‘the next level‘.

“Whew,” says Miley Cyrus and strips the ten-inch stilettos from her feet as she falls on the leather couch of the chic SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. It is shortly after noon, and she’s already half a dozen television interviews behind her. She puts on her long legs and makes herself comfortable on the couch. “Hi,” she says cheerfully, beaming. But we’re immediately interrupted. A little dog comes into the suite, and jumps to her on the sofa.

“Happy!”, exclaims Miley with baby voice, and puts her arm around the dachshun sized mixed breed. He ran up to her a few weeks ago in a parking lot bay, she named him ‘Happy‘ because that’s like her life motto. She has combined five years of her life as ‘Hannah Montana’ in the Disney seires of the same name cheerfulness and rock’n'roll to a million dollar enterprise. But now, a good year after the end of the series, the word ‘happy’ is also a relic in new use, as the striped shorts, which she has owned since sixth grade in combination with a beige silked shirt, emphasize the sexiness of her long legs.

Maybe too much for the fans
Now, the 19 year old tries to position herself in the adult world. With ‘LOL‘, a spirited comedy based on the same name original French with Sophie Marceau, she made a movie with intimate hairstyles and first sex, alcohol and marijuana are the focus of extensive mother-daughter trouble, and it is not surprising that the (two years ago made) film in the United States, only in ‘limited release’ in a handful of big-city cinemas, in which it promptly fell through. The transformation of America’s former favourite girl, who just still apologised to have sat unbelted in the car, to the party girl with a Brazilian and pothead friends, this is possibly too much for the fans.

Cyrus now wears a small gold ring in the right nostril and a ring chain on which “Liam” is engraved, the name of her boyfriend, actor Liam Hemsworth. The so-called Promise Ring, which at Disney’s times not only her, but also her first boyfriend Nick Jonas, and generally, all Disney Stars wore as a Christian Symbol of the chastity up to the married carried has come off. “They just say 15 things you would say later, not so,” says Cyrus. “When I was a little girl, I thought it was great to put on a wig and sing and dance. But at 15, 16, you realise that it’s not so cool anymore. That’s not me anymore.”

From 2006 to 2011, Cyrus, who had moved with her family from a farm in Tennessee to LA to make a television career, played a decal of herself: the schoolgirl Miley Stewart who leads a secret double life as rock star Hannah Montana. She went with the alter ego of her television figure on tour and became the idol of one generation from 7 to 13 year olds, the preadolescent tweens who were outlined as a target group in the wake of the first series success. Only what she was, Cyrus could not be. When she had small breasts, she was wrapped on the set of the series with bandages. “It was crazy,” she says, “they looked at me and said: ‘What’s with these breasts, make them flat!’ I was turning into a woman but I couldn’t because I had to play a little girl on the show!

Today, Cyrus speaks of the fact that she finds sex “wonderful”, and explains why men and women have a different concept of relationships. “When a women kisses a man or has sex with him, a special relationship is created for her. While men are much more non-binding.” She wants a female president because she thinks women are more intelligent. “Because of, men are the providers – how often do guys go shopping? We put food on the table!

Her father, the supporting actor
With their whisky and cigars voice and direct way, they could possibly have developed in the smoky bars of their hometown Nashville. Instead, it was taken by a group ideal world and the puritan concept of happiness for which she played a teenage model, a disguised Pippi Longstocking, who was allowed to live in rebellion and rock just as a gesture.

Everything was ambiguous in this universe, from the constellation of the series, in which her father Billy Ray is also the series father. Billy Ray Cyrus was once a country star himself with “Achy Breaky Heart“, in the year of Miley’s birth. Now he was degraded by his daughter to the supporting actor, while she became the richest teenager in the world.

But Miley idolized her father, and he adored her – until she was too much for him. When the pubescent Miley tried in rather harmless lascivious self-portraits – a photo by Annie Leibowitz showed the fifteen year old with bare shoulders wrapped in a sheet – these emancipatory gestures with public apologies were denied for the fans immediatly again.

“Hannah Montana” had destroyed the family
And after the photos of a hookah-smoking Miley appeared on the internet (to the hasty protestation of her agents, Miley had only inhaled legal sage, made the whole thing only suggestive), Billy Ray stayed away from the celebration of Miley’s 18th birthday. Instead, he filed for divorce from his wife Tish and cried that “Hannah Montana” had destroyed his family. He complained that he was afraid that his daughter would take a showbiz end like Anna Nicole Smith or Michael Jackson.

This wasn’t happy, even if Billy Ray Cyrus has, in the meantime, teared together with Tish and Miley again. “My father always said: This too shall pass,” says Miley Cyrus, “and I’m trying to remember, that none of these dark moments last forever. Everything that has a beginning also has an end.” She says it with a touch of patience, the countless excuses of her youth have done her too much in the defensive.

First of all,” she says, “you are never beyond the stage where you make mistakes – you’re not Gandhi, you’re not Mother Teresa. You are not exactly perfect.” The ones who criticise most sharply, are the least qualified, says Miley. “None of them are 19 or 20, they have it behind themselves for 20 or 30 years!” She has been through a lot, and she finds that she has fought very well. “I’ve alway done things that make me happy, my friends and family and my own satisfaction always came first, never my career.”

‘Half-dressed at the Billboard Awards’
Today she is simply happy to owe no-one accountability. “I’m comfortable with my body and my sexuality. I mustn’t hide anymore, and I can really be me.” Who that is exactly, admittedly isn’t clear. Miley talks about “music that makes people happy” and “movies that make people happy”. She changed her management and will focus on music in the future, “bringing her music to the next level“.

But currently she hits the headlines with risque outfits and the toad callers already see her in the whirlpool of the celebrities setting. In the past week, she provided with nonthing but a very low-cut white jacket for a sensation that reached scarcely over the bottom which thrilled the “LA Times” to the line: “Miley half dressed at the Billboard Awards“. This fits very badly to her complaint that she spends her spare time best at home in foreclosure “because I am simply out there just constantly harassed“. But it is maybe simply too tempting for young stars to eke out the existence of young adults rather than infamous than gifted. Nineteen and filthy rich is simply no situation in which one turns their back to the thrilling glitter of Hollywood to devote himself to more serious things.

Back when life was simple
The assets of Miley Cyrus is estimated at 54 million dollars, and her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth has turned with “The Hunger Games“, just one of the most successful filsm of all time, even in a supporting role. We had his first big check framed and hung on the wall,” she says. “He has laid floors before he became an actor, nothing just fell into his lap.”

Apart from the fact that “all Australians are incredibly good-looking men,” she likes Liam because he’s such a down to earth, relaxed guy. “He reminds me of my friend from the South, who I spent my childhood with,” she says. Back when life was simple, and no-one knew Miley Cyrus. It may not be easy for them to emancipate themselves from youth as a teen star.

But also with 40 people are still afraid of growing up,” she says, then noticing that Happy has left her lap. The dog stands at the edge of the fine leather sofa and studies the ground in the depth for escape possibilities. Timid, he leans forward, but it’s a big jump. He steps back, looks at Miley and hops willy-nilly back into her lap.


Q: Kristen, how big a leap does On The Road represent for you?
STEWART: I loved being part of the film and having had the chance to throw myself into my character. I thought of MaryLou as this fun-loving, adventurous woman who is enjoying this time in her life and just being herself. It was so beautiful for me to be able to express her wildness and try to capture that free-spirited side of her.

Q: You seem so natural in the role?
STEWART: Thank you. I don’t know any other way to play a part but to try to live my character and want to feel every emotion that my character experiences. I’ve grown up and spent most of my life playing characters that are specific instances in my own life. There’s this strange interplay between me and the movies I make that I can’t really explain but it’s something that drives me.

Q: So it goes beyond acting in some way?
STEWART: I think acting is about feeling the emotions of your character. To be able to play somebody else, to capture their essence, you need to become that person and get carried away in their world. I love the feeling that I have when I’m on the set, doing a scene, and throwing myself into the emotions and energy of my character. With MaryLou, I don’t know any other way I could have managed to portray her without losing myself in those kinds of emotions.

Q: Your portrait of MaryLou in the film seems more vivid that how Jack Kerouac describes her in the novel…?
STEWART: I think it’s a lot to do with realising who she was in reality. There was this really great story that she‘d always tell when she first read the book. And Jack Kerouac was so worried about all the details, LuAnne was like, “I’m just happy to be in it!” I think that says everything about her. I think we were privy to so much untapped information about LuAnne that to ignore it….it somehow had to find its way in. I mean, I think we stay very true to the scroll, but all of the history, all of the truths of who she really was and why she did what she did, we don’t know from reading the book. But because we knew (more about her real life), I think it found its way in somehow.

Q: One of the most interesting scenes in the film comes when you and Gareth are dancing and getting all hot and sweaty…
STEWART: That was one of my favourite moments in the film. I think we all love it when we can just let loose and have fun in that way and feel so alive and uninhibited. That was one of those scenes where you see how vivid and happy MaryLou could be and how being around her could be intoxicating.

Q: You were already a huge fan of the book when Walter Salles the director first approached you about the role several years ago?
STEWART: Yes. I didn’t really love reading until I had read On the Road when I was 16. Now I read constantly and something about the characters and the way they lived and their limits and priorities in life. I wanted to keep up. They keep pushing each other. They love each other so much and I want to find relationships like that in my own life that are so challenging. I want to live vicariously through them and learn from the music and the books they talk about and the artists they discuss.

Q: Was it empowering or enriching in many ways to play MaryLou?
STEWART: When I was there doing the scenes it involved a major transformation for me…MaryLou was so far and away a different personality from mine. I’m a follower and she was running ahead of everyone and to play her I had to lose all inhibition. I’m always fascinated by a character like her who is so self-aware and so unselfconscious at the same time and therefore so unlike me in real life! (Laughs) So it was great for me to be able to let it all hang out like her. When I was there I felt so comfortable on the set. Walter (Salles) makes you feel that you can do no wrong. He’s led you to this place where you can be very creative and free but you feel as if you’ve arrived there on your own. There are so many aspects of On the Road that you can learn from. It’s the spirit that you can learn so much from following their journey and how they discover the world. This movie really opened so many doors for me creatively.

Q: You’ve turned 22 last month. Did you celebrate in any special way?
STEWART: It was nothing big… It was kind of a relief not to have a party or a milestone. I liked it because it was a non-event birthday celebration. I went bowling with some friends. I’m a terrible bowler. (Laughs)

Q: A lot of celebrities feel like they live in a bubble. Is that your perspective?
STEWART: I’ve had that feeling but lately I’m not as bothered by the attention. I have a pretty easy life and I think I should be doing more to get out in the world sometimes. That’s mainly why I love my work because I get to experience how other people live and have to struggle in life. My life is very boring by comparison and when I’m acting I feel I’m learning more about the real world or at least different kinds of people who have very intense experiences. I love living in those different realities. It’s changed my life.

Q: Your parents are both involved in the film and TV business. What was that like for you while your were growing up?
STEWART: She works very close with the director, so I would get special treatment when I would visit her on set. I knew about the process (of filmmaking) before I ever made a movie. I was just comfortable on a set. It is a very foreign place to be if you’re not used to it.

Q: Did that make it inevitable that you would become an actress one day?
STEWART: I didn’t know for sure that I would be an actress. I was always hanging around film sets and I wanted to be part of that world in some way. But then I saw how directors worked with actors to create a scene and I just knew I wanted to do that.

Q: How did you first get into acting?
STEWART: I sang in a school play and some agent happened to be sitting in the audience because his own daughter was in the play. So he called my parents about my coming in to audition.
My parents were nice enough to actually run it by me, I mean instead of just, like, hanging up. They were, like, ‘Do you want to do this?’ They were not very enthusiastic. They are realistic about the business. It is not a normal thing to be successful at it.

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